The Fullabrook Down Wind Farm,

North Devon

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(Go to the larger map to see locations- red placemarks - where residents have spoken out
regarding noise problems.There are other locations where noise problems are occuring, but
these have not yet been mentioned in the Press.)

This 66 MW wind farm is now built on the hills in the area between Barnstaple and Braunton in the south, and Ilfracombe in the north. It is visible from the Unesco Heritage site of Braunton Burrows, from the famous landmark cliffs of Baggy Point near Croyde, from the Tarka Trail in the Taw Estuary, and from another landmark hill known as Codden Hill to the south of Barnstaple.  It is  also visible from Bideford New Bridge,  Appledore, High Bickington, many parts of the South West Coast path in Bideford Bay, such as Buck's Cross, and even Dartmoor in the south of Devon.


June 15th 2013, on the road near Turbine 10

A second video, not looking sideways at the turbine,
but you may be able to hear turbine better.

The Fullabrook turbines are very close to public footpaths and roads -
 this Halifax Courier link about blades being ripped off by high winds
will make you think what that means with regard to public safety.

Interesting page from the CPRE website

  Walk - December 11 2012, up among the turbines again, with videos.

 Four Fullabrook turbines shut down for repairs
Nov 26 2012

Call to shut down Fullabrook -
Western Morning News November 23rd

 Nov 21 - Fullabrook Noise assesssments released
Fullabrook Briefing

Tests reveal Fullabrook Wind Farm is too noisy
North Devon Journal September 27

Sept 26 MP disappointed by Fullabrook noise findings
North Devon Gazette

Wind farms do reduce property values - example at Fullabrook:

Thie reduction in property values was reported in the Sunday Times and Telegraph,
now both behind Pay-walls, but you can read more here:
July 22 2102, Daily Mail

As of today, June 11th, the turbines are still not working

Noise testing done at wrong time on Fullabrook

Thursday February 23rd North Devon Journal
Meeting at Lovacott with Nick Harvey MP

Thursday February 23rd Western Morning News

Mention of Fullabrook in this article

Press Reports
North Devon Journal Photo Gallery
(A few flowers don't conceal environmental damage)

Latest news:
Noise monitoring scheduled to start February 20th
Keep going to Fullabrook Briefing Blog
(run by North Devon Council) for more news

January 2012
Delay causing misery to Fullabrook resident
December 8th 2011
Fullabrook still not fully operational

Important article by Martin Hesp in
Western Morning News, October 29th

Christopher Booker June 19th
Sunday Telegraph

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  Testimonials - this page is in progress

During the construction phase, which lasted more than a year:
See what happened in a once peaceful spot, where all you used to hear were
sheep bleating and skylarks singing.

Photographs and videos of the construction phase and the turbines now .

Walks and visits to the site Construction videos:
 Mar 20 - 23, northern part of site, showing photos and videos of construction

March 24th southern part of site, showing photos and videos of construction

 April 25th, from Heddon Cross to Burland Road and Middle Marwood, close up of first  two turbines

May 13, up on site, showing photos and videos of turbines

Photographs and videos June 3, northern part of site and views towards south and sea.

June 8th, visit to site with Martin Hesp, Western Morning News Environmental Journalist
(Links to be added to pieces he wrote following this visit, here is a partial link)

June 11th, trip up to the site with Art Trek visitors, views from Burland Road and Beara

July 3rd, views from near Prixford, Patsford and Pippacott
 (on our Facebook page)

July 3rd, walk up to Prixford, Patsford and Pippacott,
with photographs and links to YouTube videos

August 5th - first video recording of a turbine with
blades turning, and a walk from Milltown to Braunton

December 2012 - another walk from Heddon Cross to Beara Cross, and then to Ashford.
November 2010,Knowlwater bridge November 2010           

March 23rd, near site of turbine 10

March 23rd, traffic crossing Burland Lane

March 24 construction roads near Ash Down

may 13 site of turbine 10

June 5, near Beara Cross
Views of the site from further afield: Videos of blades and parts coming through Barnstaple and near Hore Down:
From Codden Hill, 2009

From Codden Hill, April 20, 2011

From Codden Hill May 4 2011,

May 13, from Barnstaple 2011

May 13, from Bideford New Bridge

June 17, Ashford from Sticklepath Hill, Barnstaple

From Open Top Bus, in Barnstaple, June 27th 2011

From Codden Hill, June 28th 2011

July 23, views from Tarka trail between Instow and Barnstaple

- all turbines now up.

August 23rd - from Crow Point

September 15th 2011- on our Facebook Page-
Photos taken at  Baggy Point, including views of Atlantic Array location too.

November 2010,Knowlwater bridge November 2010     

March 23rd, near site of turbine 10

March 23rd, traffic crossing Burland Lane

March 24 construction roads near Ash Down

Blades coming through Barnstaple, April 6th

The construction continues and turbine parts arrive, April 14 - 18

May site of turbine 6

May 13 site of turbine 10

 Turbine blades being delivered, near Hore Down, June 3
June 5, near Beara Cross


Google Map showing turbine positions
and general location - as at top of page as well.
Location of windfarm (map) on Devon Wind Power's website

Turbines sprouting across North Devon
especially in Torridge area

please note:
 this map needs updating, there are so many applications.
Turbine site plan on Devon
Wind Power's website


More to come here, but for now:

"Fullabrook Down application granted"
Tuesday (9th October 2007)

The link below includes a pdf of the Inspector's Report.The inspector who gave consent for the Fullabrook Wind Farm also gave consent for the one at  Deeping St. Nicholas

The Council goes to Judicial Review:

"North Devon Council announced its disappointment today at the High Court’s indication that it will not uphold the Council’s challenge against a decision to build 22 giant wind turbines in North Devon."
25th June 2008