Fullabrook Down Wind Farm
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December 8th
Fullabrook still not fully operational

Important article by Martin Hesp in
Western Morning News, October 29th

20th  October
 Turbine testing nearly complete


October 13th
 Nick Harvey launches turbine survey:


October  6th
North Devon Journal

"We need to rethink the wind farm idea",  by John Barum.

  This columnist who in the past has (perhaps) seemed to be either in favour, or unsure, about the wind farm, wrote (quote):

"A friend who farms near the Fullabrook complex was reduced to tears when she realised that she will no longer hear the sound of birds, or the murmur of a stream running though their land. Instead all she can hear is the constant whir and swish of the turbines, and when they are a standstill she says there is a permanent electrical hum."

He goes on to quote another example about a family who cannot sleep because of the sound of the turbine motors. He is in favour of the Atlantic Array, and  presumably believes in the effectiveness of wind power, but unlike many of those who support wind power, it is good to see that that he is prepared to listen to those who are suffering from turbine noise with an open mind, and speak up for them in public. 

Link now available:

September 28th 2011
Nick Harvey MP meets Fullabrook residents

September 22nd 2011
North Devon Journal -
Residents say "Turbine noise destroying our lives"

September 22nd North Devon Journal
Turbine Delay too much

ESB International  originally said it would cover the access tracks with soil -
now it wants to change this.
 To anyone who has seen these "tracks" this does not come as a surprise.


July 28th, North Devon Gazette
Flicker protection

July 21st North Devon Journal
Turbines begin to generate power

June 13 - fuller links to come to Martin Hesp article