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The construction continues and the turbine parts arrive: April 14th - 18th  2011

Scroll down to see blades and towers coming through Barnstaple

entrance to site
Thursday April 14th 2011   Approaching Burland Cross, on the small road from Hore Down
A crane on the sky line.
near turbine site
A closer look at the area around the site entrance. These photographs were taken from a friend's car, not on a walk.

turbine parts
The first turbine parts near the site of Turbine 17 on the map above.
Looking towards Baggy Point and Hartland beyond, the view from the footpath in the field where the turbine above will stand..
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Monday April 18, 2011
In Barnstaple

Taw estuary
This is the view across the Taw Estuary, towards the Fullabrook Hills and Braunton Burrows, from the South side of the new Taw Bridge. I walked over here early, but had the time wrong - no convoys came along, so I went home and came out again later.
Blade at corner of road
According to the developers website the blades were due around 11.15 or so, but they were a little early, so as I turned up the Braunton Road towards the bridge I saw this view ahead of me. For a moment I did not quite understand what I was seeing - in the distance it looked as if a jet plane had landed across the road. The blade on its lorry was waiting to turn into the main road.

I hurried towards it, and managed to use my camera to make a shaky video.

Here is the blade as it began to move forward in the Braunton direction.

This is another short video, and shows (briefly) the third (in the convoy) lorry parked and waiting to turn after the second one. You tube
A lorry with a turbine blade, waiting in a queue. When the third lorry had made the turn, all three lorries drove on towards Braunton with their police escort.

The other convoy came in the afternoon, and moved faster.  I waited at the south side of the bridge, and just managed to video the lorries as they went past me.
turbine parts
Each lorry carried a section of tower, and you may also just be able to glimpse the nacelle  on the second lorry (in the video). In this photograph,  the lorries are continuing on up the Taw Bridge.

April 20th - on this day I walked out to Codden Hill to see if the turbine that had been erected was visible.