May 4th 2011, on Codden Hill

two turbines
According the BBC website, the visibility was going to be very good, so I set out early down to Barnstaple, and caught the No9 bus out to Bishop's Tawton to save a little time.  It was obvious once I got there that the visibility was poor, not good: either smog from Europe (there was an East wind) or thin cloud getting in the way.  Here is the view towards Saunton, which you can compare with a similar view on a clear day here.

Climbing the hill, I could just about see that there was another turbine up now. This photograph has been enhanced (contrast added) but that did not help much... you may just be  able to see the newest turbine on the horizon, slightly to the left of the centre of the photograph.
Again, this photograph has been enhanced so that you can see the two previously erected turbines.  The newest turbine is out of sight here, to the left.  There was no point in taking more photographs, it was just too hazy.

I went back through Bishop's Tawton. This is the beginning of the footpath that takes you down to the River Taw, and along to Rock Park. I suddenly noticed a shape on the horizon and wondered if it was a turbine.

from Bishop's Tawton
This close up confirms that it was - you can see the tops of the blades above the trees on the horizon..