Photos taken from Codden Hill, March 30th, 2009

 Codden Hill is a long whale shaped hill to the south of Barnstaple. It rises up behind the village of Bishop's Taunton.  It is a popular beauty spot, famous for its wonderful views in all directions (see earlier walk as well) These photographs were taken looking towards the various proposed and planned wind power station sites that will destroy the beauty of North Devon. They include views towards Parkham (Hartland direction) Bickleton (above Yelland and Fremington) Fullabrook (between Braunton, Marwood and Ilfracombe,) and the various sites below Exmoor (including ones at Batsworthy Cross and Knowstone)

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(Zoom out to see full area, this view shows Codden Hill)

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Hartland coastlineparkham turbine site
On Sunday March 29th I walked across from my home in Bradiford, north west of Barnstaple, to Codden Hill, situated on the south east of the town and just beyond the village of North Tawton.  Rising to a height of 189 metres (about 620 ft) it is one of North Devon's most famous hills.  This first view, above, from Codden Hill is one looking west across Bideford Bay, with the cliffs of Clovelley and Hartland in the distance on the horizon. The two turbines at Parkham - not far from Buck's Mills on this line of cliffs, would be visible from this side of Codden Hill. More about the Parkham Wind Turbines.

White house and Braunton Burrows
  A close up (using my camera zoom), of the view from Codden Hill, looking across the Taw Estuary, to Braunton Burrows. You  can see the island of Lundy on the horizon.. If you look carefully to the very left of the Burrows, you can just make out the white shape of the White House on the edge of this photo. It is a much loved landmark on the South West footpath.  For more  about Braunton Burrows, and how it will be affected by wind turbines, go to this page.

White House, Braunton Burrows, from Bikletone turbine site
This  photo was taken on another walk, earlier this spring, but I am including it as it gives a better view of the White House, in the centre of the photograph. This photo was taken from the field in which the three 400ft Bickleton turbines would be sited. I  am including it just to show how how much Braunton Burrows will be dominated by turbines if all these turbine plans are passed.  Click here for more about the Bickleton turbines.

Bickleton hills
This is the same view as the earlier photo that focused on the Taw Estuary, without using the Zoom to focus in on the Burrows. You can see Tawstock School and church on the hill opposite, and Bishops Tawton village below us on the right.. Saunton Down is on the right in the far distance (you can see Saunton Sands Hotel glimmering white under the cliff)  To see where the Bickleton turbines (400ft high) would be, take the point between the two gorse bushes in the foreground and then go straight upwards to the hills on the skyline, which is about where they would be.
Great Torrington
Turning to look south, we could see the radio mast close to Great Torrington and the site of the Higher Darracott Turbines, which would also be visible from Codden Hill. Will there be turbines in every direction... and how long will it be before someone suggests putting them on Codden Hill itself? If they can put turbines in a National Park, then nowhere is safe.

Fullabrook site
Turning around, we looked northwards from Codden Hill towards the eastern part of the Fullabrook site (22 turbines). In this photo you can see Ashford village on the hills to the left, and Tutshill Woods, close to where I live, on the right. Just to assure you these photos were produced without the use of any fossil-fuels, I can tell you that I walked all the way over from Bradiford to Codden Hill to take them. Click here for a map of the Fullabrook site and more about it, including details of many walks over these beautiful and - until now - unspoilt hills.
As we walked on across the hill (my son had joined me in Barnstaple) we looked down on the village of  Landkey, which you can see in this photo above. The hills of North Devon and Exmoor are visible behind.
This is a view towards Exmoor, from Codden Hill, not far from the famous monument to Caroline Thorpe, who was tragically killed in a car accident many years ago.  From the top of Codden Hill you can also Dartmoor to the south. I took a photograph in that direction but it did not turn out so well unfortunately. We could see Yes Tor in the far distance, and the route that I walked back in 2006, when visiting the other Devon Wind farm sites.

Batsworthy Cross, Two Moors and Bickham Moor
This view is from the far east of Codden Hill, looking towards the Batsworthy Cross, Two Moors, Bickham Moor and Witheridge sites.  I am not sure what that smoke is from in the distance, but I think it is somewhere near the proposed sites, and that wonderful long distance footpath, the Two Moors Way.  Click here for more about the threat to this area..

going back down the road
We came back down the road at the side of the hill to Bishops Tawton. I was trying to photograph a Sparrowhawk perched on the telegraph pole ahead of us, but it was gone before I clicked the camera. It was a most beautiful day, and as usual the Devon banks were covered with primroses. 
Periwinkles and primroses
A final photo, periwinkles  and more primroses, close to the village.

Photos and text:  Christine Lovelock