This is a gallery of  images sent to us from artists across the world. It
 includes work by distinguished professional artists and also work by
amateur artists fighting to save their local landscapes.



Our newest contributor:

Mam Tor by Nick Lukey
Mam Tor, Derbyshire,
 by Nick Lukey

Don Brownlow Photograph
Photograph by Don Brownlow

Line Dance by Stella Levy
Line dance
by Stella Levy
(North Devon)
Swan on Backwell Lake
Tom Hutton
North Wales
Awe-winter by Karl Pipes
Awe Winter
by Karl Pipes

All the artists and photographers whose work is shown on this site retain their own copyright, and images cannot be reproduced without permission from the artist who produced the original work..

If you want to submit an image, please can you send it to me by email, or on CD. 
Email images need to be about 500KB in size.
 If you want your CD returned, please enclose a stamped addressed envelope.