Landscape photograph
              by Nick Lukey -1
Mam Tor Derbyshire

Nick Lukey

Landscape photograph by Nick Lukey -2
Sunset over Anglesey

The first wind farm I saw was on a visit to Scotland several years back, I was quite taken with it, I guess it was down to the newness of the technology, and the thought that we would be reducing our carbon emissions.
I never paid much attention to the growth of these over the subsequent years, never quite appreciating the scale of the building programme. Indeed it was only on a trip to the Alps last year, travelling through northern France, that the enormity of what is coming our way, struck me.

Photograph by Nick Lukey - 3
Storm clouds over Sparrow Pit Derbyshire

So I began my investigation and research into the UK wind farm industry, note the word industry. The whole concept of wind energy is quite charming in its naivety that we can derive our power from the wind. However the thinking behind this, is not economically viable, or aesthetically pleasing.

Landscape photograph by Nick Lukey - 4
Anglesey Beach late evening light

Without the huge subsidies this industry attracts, no one would build them, why? Because they don’t have any return on investment. They just don’t produce enough of the power we need, and when we need it most, can we rely on the wind being favourable with our needs?You really need to dig into the figures, the statistics, and the mistruths, the information is quite easy to find. Landowners are putting wind turbines up purely for profit, and guess whose paying for it via our utility bills. Crazy isn’t it.

Landscape photograph by Nick Lukey -5
Winter morning Derbyshire Dales near Ashbourne

The green issue is high on every countries agenda, and quite rightly so, however are people looking at the real cost of these so called green machines. If you look into the process of building a site, access roads, buildings, never mind the vast amount of concrete needed to tether them to the ground, kinda makes the whole idea less green.

Landscape photograph by Nick Lukey -6
Racing Tide Welsh Coast

People need to wake up to what is going on in our countryside look into the figures, the number of applications that are in the pipeline then perhaps you will realise the scale of what is happening.

Nick Lukey landscape photographer

Landscape photograph by Nick
                Lukey - 7
Mam Tor Derbyshire