Tom Hutton

Tom Hutton

Tom Hutton is a writer and photographer who specialises in the upland areas of Wales. As a kid, growing up in Bristol, he was fascinated by the wild, rugged and inhospitable landscapes over the bridge. As an adult he started walking, climbing and cycling among these landscapes, eventually moving to Wales in 2002. He has written and illustrated a number of guidebooks and also works for many of the UK’s leading outdoor publications including Trail, Country Walking and Mountain Bike Rider.

You can learn more about Tom by visiting this page on his website

Artist's statement  The rolling uplands of the Cambrian Mountains are the closest Wales gets to true wilderness – a huge swathe on the map that isn’t crisscrossed with roads and car parks and towns and villages. It feels almost timeless even if it isn’t, and anything that compromises the skyline or the tranquility of this area would be nothing short of vandalism. Doing this purely because it’s an uninhabited region with no residents to stand up for it is, in my opinion, underhand cowardice.
As a conservationist, I am only too aware of the need for renewable energy, and if there were no other options, I’d understand the need to build these huge turbines in some of our most precious countryside. But there are other options and I, like many others, remain completely unconvinced about what difference these wind farms will make. It’s time that our government looked at real solutions in both the production of energy, and more importantly, in the reduction of our usage of energy”    Tom Hutton

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Llyn Ogwen

Llyn Ogwen, Snowdonia
Clydach Gorge

Clydach Gorge, Brecon Beacons National Park

Pen-y-Fan and Corn Du at sunset
Pen-y-Fan and Corn Du at sunset, from Cefn Cwm Lwch, Brecon Beacons
Summit of Bowfell
Summit of Bowfell at sunset, Lake District

Easst Ridge, McGillycuddy's Reeks

East Ridge, Been Keragh, McGillycuddy's Reeks, County Kerrry, Ireland

Grey Whethers, Dartmoor

Grey Wethers standing stones, Dartmoor


Reeds on Backwell Lake, North Somerset
Mute swan in the mist, Backwell Lake, North Somerset


Sgwd yr Gladwys waterfall in the Brecon Beacons National Park

Skier of Corn Du, Brecon Beacons
Skier on Corn Du, Brecon Beacons

To see more of Tom Hutton's work, go to his website.
We are grateful to Tom for speaking out on behalf of the Cambrian Mountains.

You can learn more about the Cambrian Mountains by going to the website of the Cambrian Mountains Society.

This link takes you to our website page about the protest at Nant-y-Moch Reservoir.