Alma View 1
His cedar tree
one point north
Alma view 3

Alma almost roadside series
Anne Gagel has a BFA in Painting and Post Baccalaureate in Creative Writing from the Kansas City Art Institute.  She is currently living and working in both Kansas City, Missouri, and Alma, Kansas, a town located in the Flint Hills.

 Much of her work is inspired by the serenity she finds through many hours spent out in the vast open landscape.  She is one of many people in Kansas, USA, trying to protect the beauty and ecosystem of the Flint Hills from becoming blemished with wind turbines. 

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Anne says "Thank you for viewing my work and writing, and please help protect the beauty our world has to offer."

Drawing with Dirt

An ocean with
out water.  That creates waves
folding back and forth onto itself.

That creates a stillness through noise.

The rocks.
The rocks.
To collect
and move all the rocks
heaving them out from under this place ñ
slabs or part of the foundation of earth.

(a continental parting)

The itching and scratching
of one leaf or branch
over the next to create
a melody of sorts.

I shall watch this spot
I shall wash this spot
of earth from my memory
slowly though paint.


And when thoughts divide
Only a line will separate
From where you are
To what you want to re-collect

I shall blacken the surface with
layers of thought that creep out,
seep out and ooze of vibrant purple
flowers spotted with blood

(scattered) over the land.

Poems by Anne Gagel