High Quality Art Postcards
Using artwork by eight different artists whose work is shown on this site,
these postcards have been produced by GLARE, the group from Dumfries and Galloway
All money raised from the sale of these postcards goes to support the fight against wind farms

If you value the UK's unique landscapes and wildlife, and wish to give your support
to the on-going battle, please help by purchasing a pack (or more) of these postcards.

The packs are for sale at £2 per pack (of 8 cards) plus postage.

For details about how to purchase them please scroll down below the images

Elan Valley by Jenny Keal
Elan Valley.  (pastel)
Jenny Keal  Mid Wales

Farm above Erwood by David Bellamy
Farm above Erwood.  (watercolour)
David Bellamy  Mid Wales

Ditch at Hazelbank by Sheila Mullen
Ditch at Hazelbank.  (oil)
Sheila Mullen  Lockerbie

Fields near Rosemoor by Christine Lovelock
Fields near Rosemoor.  (pastel)
Christine Lovelock  North Devon

Early Wheatears by Anne Campbell
Early Wheatears.  (oil)
Anne Campbell  Isle of Lewis

Arnol by Jon MacLeod
Arnol.  (mixed media)
John Macleod  Isle of Lewis

Across the Ken by Patricia McCrow
Across the Ken.  (watercolour)
Patricia McCrow  Dumfries & Galloway

Hen Harriers by Peter Jeevar
Hen Harriers.  (gouache)
Peter Jeevar  Dumfries & Galloway

Postcards: £2 per pack of 8 cards
Postage and packing:

Up to 2 packs: 50p
Up to 4 packs: 65p
Up to 6 packs: 90p
Up to 8 packs: £1.20
Up to 10 packs: £1.55
Up to 12 packs: £1.80
Up to 14 packs: £2.10
Up to 15 packs: £2.20

For larger quantities, and information about packs
 of cards by an individual artist: please email for details.

To order by post: 
Please send details of your order, plus a cheque for payment to:
Box 7479 Castle Douglas DG7 3WX

If you prefer to pay By PayPal invoice, this can be arranged, please contact
Christine Lovelock (Artists against wind farms)
01271 376594

Please note : all profits go to protest groups
While the artists have allowed postcards to be made of their paintings,
each artist retains the copyright of his or her work.