Moorland Plain
Moorland Plain by Mairi Morrison
Isle of Lewis artist, and campaigner against wind farms

Moorland Plain - Mointeach Comhnard
In this painting I have chosen to highlight one of the monumental manmade structures found on the moor,
looking at it from a conceptual point of view and integrated into the natural environment. 
The space surrounding the stone is vast and the hot orange colour depicts the heat of the afternoon sun.
The moors are dotted with such stone cairns and old sheilings, often unapproached by visitors.
Artistic education
Studied at Glasgow School of Art
Diploma, Graphic Design - Cardonald College
Artist Statement
Most of my work is based on the landscape and culture of the strongly Celtic Western Isles of Scotland.  The Gaelic culture and language is very important to me and I endeavour to capture this in my work.  My exhibition Wind from the Wilderness ran alongside the Hebridean Celtic Festival in July of 2003.  It concentrated on the vast moorland of northwest Lewis, bordered by the Atlantic ocean.
The area is mostly barren with little trace of human presence.  Stone ruins sinking into peaty terrain and the occasional abandoned car are telling, while the panoramic views are reminiscent of North America's Great Plains or the Australian Outback.
On this large and blank canvas the weather is a dominant feature, dictating the temperament, appearance and ambience of the landscape.  It can also be equally dramatic when calm prevails, the wonderful light changes highlighting the full range of colour of the moors.
In my work I explore through the use of colour the lyrical and spiritual aspects of this sometimes harsh, yet dramatic, landscape