Joanne Noyes, painting from Vermont

This painting has been sent from Vermont, by Joanne Noyes, another artist  fighting to save the mountains in the north eastern part of Vermont.

Joanne Murdick Noyes believes it is a privilege to live and paint in the beautiful “Northeast Kingdom” of Vermont in the midst of irregular hayfields, long ridges stretching toward mountain tops.

As the seasons evolve, so does the palette - Winter wears lavender tinted white with rusty green firs and bare branches - Spring comes suddenly with bright green budding leaves and fields - followed by lush Summer flowers and forests - and too soon, the reds and golds of maples in Fall.  And, always, in the wide open skies, early morning magic as the salmon glow of the rising sun filters through the mist and lands on hilltops.  In the evening, skies light up the views in more outrageous shades of shell pink, magenta and deep violet.

Although Joanne occasionally strays to the Atlantic coast to paint the seascape, she is always inspired by the landscape of ‘The Kingdom’.
This is why she feels so strongly that this special place should be preserved in its natural state, so that future generations can be renewed walking softly through the fields and forests with the undulating ridges in view as they were created

Joanne has been drawing and painting all her life and, in the last 20 years, has been guided by the classic principles of Frank Mason, a master teacher and painter of ‘The Art Students League’ of NYC through his protégés and Frank himself when he summers in Northern Vermont.  These principles have been lovingly passed along over generations - massing ‘shadow’ and ‘light’ with a single compelling light effect creating a harmony with lasting beauty.

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