Graham Lang

Graham was born and brought up in Glasgow where he spent his working life in the steel industry first with a family business then with the British Steel Corporation and finally as proprietor of a small structural engineering business in the west of Scotland.  He always had a keen interest in the arts and studied drawing and painting at evening classes at the Glasgow School of Art where he was much influenced by one of his tutors William Crosbie   He retired a good number of years ago intent on making something of his interest in art and painting in particular but best laid plans etcetera...   Nevertheless despite many other interests and distractions he has illustrated a number of books with his humorous pen and ink drawings and had many drawings featuring his interest in field sports published in sporting magazines. In recent years he has taken to sculpture and a couple of his portrait heads are illustrated here.


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Graham Lang Cartoon

sculpture by Graham Lang

Graham`s home and studio are in a beautiful part of Fife near the historic conservation village of Ceres and half a dozen miles from St Andrews.   Two years ago a proposal for a wind farm only 500 yards due south of his front door was announced and this matured into a planning application which has been with the council for more than a year now.   Graham is seldom in his studio these days and has spent the last two years organising and delivering a strong campaign against the wind farm and hopes the next month or two will see, at least the first phase, come to the hoped for conclusion.  Whatever follows Graham believes saving his part of Scotland's landscape is a cause worth the time and trouble and will battle on with the help of his wife Marion and their many friends and supporters. Graham has  been and is actively involved in a number of similar campaigns elsewhere and gives any help he can.  In doing this he feels he is repaying some of the unstinting help he received from other groups up and down the country

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