Sheep in the gully above Llanycil
Diana Armfield
RA  RWS  Hon NEAC Hon RCA (retired)

Painting on the left:
Sheep in the gully above Llanycil, oil
17 x 19 ins (44.5 x 49.6 cm)

I live part of the year in North Wales. I am a member of the C.P.R.W which is alert to the dangers which threaten our landscape and ecology, wind turbines being high on that threatening list.

Painting on the right:  Sheep in the snow, Llwynhir,
oil, 11 x 9 ins (29.8 x 24.2 cm)

I paint from observation and experience of what I admire, enjoy and love about our country, to share with others what I discover and reflect on. I hope to reveal and confirm that what I paint is of lasting importance. Our environment needs cherishing and protecting by us all.

To translate what I see and respond to into paint is always a challenge and sometimes a mystery.
Sheep in the snow