David and Jenny

Our Second Featured Artists

David Bellamy and Jenny Keal

David and Jenny at Lliw Reservoir, Mynydd y Gwair, battling as always to save the mountains they love

David Bellamy
David Bellamy specialises in painting wild mountain and coastal scenes, and is particularly fascinated by the moods of nature in the wild places. His paintings have reached private collections in many parts of the world. A full time artist and author, he has written eleven books illustrated with his paintings. His latest, David Bellamy’s Pembrokeshire was published by Halsgrove Publishing  in September 2004

Five videos on watercolour painting by David have been produced by APV Films of Chipping Norton. He runs watercolour painting courses in the UK and overseas and demonstrates to art Societies

In the photograph on the left, David can be seen beginning work on a demonstration painting at the Mynydd y Gwair "Paint it while it`s there" day  on May 1st.
David Bellamy`s painting
This is the painting when it was completed in the studio later.

Through his painting and writing he hopes to bring about a greater awareness of the threats to the natural environment, and he is particularly active in conserving the wild areas. He is a patron of the Marine Conservation Society’s Seas for Life Appeal. David regularly features on radio and television in both painting and conservation roles.

Jenny Keal

Jenny Keal is based in rural Mid Wales. She is an artist who draws her inspiration from the rich history of the landscape. She is especially interested in vernacular architecture and social history, and is content to explore the most remote places, to locate an old farm or cottage set in wild scenery. Her inspiration is also drawn from the atmospheric effects of the weather on the landscape, and the geology of mountain, valley and coast. She has a keen interest in myth and legend and tries to weave these influences into her work.
She and her husband, artist David Bellamy, travel the world in search of spectacular scenery, often taking a group on a painting holiday at the same time. She also runs pastel painting workshops and courses in the UK and overseas and demonstrates to Art Societies. She has taken part in numerous exhibitions and has had many "one woman" shows. She has paintings in collections worldwide, and took part int the HTV television series "Painting Wild Wales."
Her first book, Landscapes in Pastel for Harper Collins was published in 2003.

painting by Jenny Keal
This is the painting that Jenny started on the day at Mynydd y Gwair - she also finished her painting later in the studio at home.

Artist`s Statement

David Bellamy

Much of upland Wales is the closest we have in England and Wales to wild places. It is wonderfully uplifting scenery, its beauty and tranquillity the main reason tourists come and many settle. Introducing wind turbines into this lovely natural countryside will completely destroy that beauty as well as the tourism economy on which Wales relies.

The pathetic amount of part-time energy these turbines generate is not going to make the slightest dent in any global climate change, in itself a questionable concept. The present government which shows unswerving loyalty towards US corporations, holds nothing but contempt for the Welsh, Scots or the Northern English country dwellers.
Only by letting them know that we totally reject their destructive policies on the countryside can we stop them.

Artist`s Statement

Jenny Keal

Most of us need natural scenery and wild places to restore our spirits and sense of well-being. There is nothing more therapeutic for me than a walk in the Welsh uplands. The scent of heather and gorse on the wind, the song of the lark, miles of open, empty space, what more can we ask for?
Imagine these hills we love covered in Wind Turbines, sacrificed to the greedy businessmen and politicians with no scruples. Renewable energy is a fine concept, one which I support wholeheartedly, but Wind Energy is far from the environmentally friendly option that it is portrayed by the developers. Don’t be fooled by their ‘spin’ of saving the planet
Vast amounts of concrete poured into our primary water source, huge access roads across previously empty hillsides, new pylons marching across the landscape to say nothing of the hideous machines themselves. One is reminded of Tolkiens vision of the destruction of middle earth by the evil forces of greed and lust for power.

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