Devon Banner
Ann West and Angela Kelly of Country Guardian, holding the banner that I brought from Devon, showing support from all the groups fighting wind turbines there. When I told the demonstrators that many people in Devon loved Wales and didn`t want to see its  beautiful landscape destroyed, someone in the crowd said "We go Devon our holidays, and we feel the same about Devon too." Everyone agreed.

 We all need beauty, to make life worth living. Many, many people who live and work in towns and cities need to know that there are quiet empty places where they can go to refresh their spirits.

As Angela Kelly says so eloquently in the Country Guardian Press release (July 10)

 "Good planning is about balance. The irreparable ecological damage, loss of amenity and distressing divisions within communities caused by industrial wind turbines far outweigh any benefit of their insignificant and unreliable contribution to our energy needs. Their tiny, intermittent output of electricity and negligible CO2 savings cannot possibly justify the sacrifice of our most potent national symbol and finite resource - the magnificent landscapes of Wales".

Two of Angela`s paintings