Wind warriors in Wales   

David Bellamy leads the march
David Bellamy leads the protest march,
photo courtesy of Mike Pritchard, North Wales
see it on youtube (thanks also to Mike Pritchard)

More than 150 protestors met up on a lonely hill in Mid Wales on July 8th 2007 to show how they much they care about saving Wales from the scourge of industrial wind turbines

"I was incredibly proud to be asked to join David Bellamy and David Bellamy leading the Protest at Cefn Coch. Many years ago I worked on a hill farm in Mid Wales, and I have never forgotten how beautiful it was there. I was a runner in those days, and also competed in the famous Nos Galan races at Mountain Ash, where I learnt  at first hand how wonderful Welsh hospitality can be.
When I became involved in the fight against wind turbines in Devon, I was horrified to learn about what has already happened in Wales, especially the desecration at Cefn Croes. I wished I had known about it when it was happening, and been there to fight against it. I am so glad that I was able to join this protest, even if it is too late to save Cefn Croes.

It was also wonderful - from the viewpoint of Artists against wind farms - to meet up again with Professor David Bellamy, who helped us launch the website in Scotland in 2005, and to meet David Bellamy and Jenny Keal in person at last. And I have managed to photograph another of Angela Kelly`s paintings, which will be on the website soon, along with some interesting new work from another person that I met at the demonstration (more news about this coming)"
Christine Lovelock

I am putting up links to some of the groups that were represented at the Demonstration. If I haven`t found your details, and you would like a link, or something about your group or your protest on this website, please contact me.  It was great meeting you all.

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Jenny Keal and Glyn Morgan
Jenny Keal (artist)
and Glyn Morgan, Chairman of SOCME (South Wales)

David Bellamy, Christine Lovelock, Professor David Bellamy
David Bellamy (artist) Christine Lovelock (artist) and Professor David Bellamy, with the SOCME Battle-bus behind
(photo taken by Jenny Keal)

Professor david Bellamy
Professor David Bellamy
 in front of the turbines
  (click on image to see turbines better)
Demonstrators, including Janey Foster (New Radnor) John Morgan  (North Wales) Ann West  and John Jenkins (South Wales)
Fighting for Wales

Fighting for Wales,
 the brown flag is the Battle Flag

Tairgwaith Action Group
from South Wales

Support from Scotland
This couple are fighting wind
 farms in Angus (Scotland)
but came to support Wales

If you think offshore would be OK, click on image

Angela Kelly
Angela Kelly,
 Chairman of Country Guardian and artist, who organised the demonstration
More demonstrators, from Ogmore-Gilfach Valleys.
In the centre is Alan
Cunningham, from the
Erwood Station Craft Centre
Devon banner
Ann West (Vice Chairman, Country Guardian) and Angela Kelly (Chairman) with the banner of support from Devon
This demonstrator told me
he lives off grid.
Abig thanks to everyone at the Cefn Coch Inn
 for making us welcome.
2009 update - Nant -y-Moch protest