Angela Kelly, TGO Awards

Angela Kelly receiving the Environmental Category Award at TGO's Annual Awards Ceremony.  Also in the photograph, Ann West, Vice Chairman of Country Guardian and Christine Lovelock, Country Guardian Committee member.


Angela Kelly

The logo on the left is familiar to nearly everyone involved in the fight to protect our landscapes from destruction by wind factories.  It is the logo of Country Guardian, whose Chairman, Angela Kelly is an artist. Angela hasn`t had time to paint for many years, because all her time is spent helping  protest groups across all parts of Britain, and also in many other parts of the world.  Not many people know that Angela herself designed this logo.

Watercolour by Angela Kelly

This is a very poorly reproduced photocopy of a watercolour that Angela did many years ago. I wish we could see it on colour, but even so we can admire it and wish that we could see more of her work.

I believe that all of the artists who have submitted work to this website will join with me in thanking her for all that she has done to help keep our landscapes free from wind farms.

And I hope that we will all be even more  determined to win the battles that  lie ahead, so that Angela will be able to take up her brushes and start painting again.

This is a photocopy of another of Angela`s paintings "Lord of the Dance". As well as
being a photocopy, it was framed under glass, which made it very difficult to photograph.  I
had admired the painting before I realised
who the artist was.

Lord of the Dance was Angela`s horse, and she used to ride him over the mountains that she has helped to save - so far - from destruction.
Lord of the

Had she known she was going to be so busy fighting wind farms for so many years, Angela might very well have reserved more work from her last Exhibition, which was a sell-out. Luckily she does still have this earlier work, done before she switched to watercolours, and we are very pleased to be able to display it now.

Still Life, gouache.

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Still Llife by
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