(February 17th 2007)

Paint or sketch the landscape you want to save

 and send us your image for our pinboard, see bottom of page for instructions


American Goldfinch by Jon Boone
American Goldfinch
Jon Boone
Maryland USA

view from farmhouse
Bruce County, Ontario, Canada
Keith Stelling
rock pool by marion chapman
A raft of bubbles
Marion Chapman, South Victoria, Australia
Ailee matthews
The view from Scroggie Hall Farm Organic Sheep Farm, just  below Blackcraig Hill, Dumfries and Galloway

Tree by Yvonne Burchell
Tree by Yvonne Burchell
(near Brent Tor, SW Devon)
Brent Tor by Chris Burchell
Egg Preserving Pail
Chris Burchell (WIFLAG)
near Brent Tor
Poussin copy by John Wray
Copy of a Poussin painting
John Wray
Two Moors Way Campaign

Tree by Gillian Cronk
Tree near Exmoor
Gillian Cronk (Two Moors Way Campaign)
forest path
Marjorie Kramer

His Cedar Tree by Anne Gagel
His Cedar Tree
Anne Gagel
Kansas Flint Hills
Morwenstow by George West
North Cornwall,
(near Crimp turbine site)
George West, London

painting by Rosalinda Smith
Fantasy Painting
Rosalinda Smith
North Devon

flint hills landscape
Flint Hills landscape
Phil Epp

Early Wheatears
Anne Campbell
Isle of Lewis

Lliw Reservoir and Mynydd y Gwair
Lliw Reservoir and Mynydd y Gwair, South Wales,
by Jenny Keal

Mynyyd y Gwair
David Bellamy
Mynydd y Gwair,
South Wales

Near Molland
Looking towards Exmoor, from near Molland
Reg Gale

painting by Patricai MCCrow
Painting by Patricia McCrow, for Glare group of artists, Dumfries and Galloway

inner moorland
Jon MacLeod
Isle of Lewis

Carrifran Hill by Sheila Mullen
Sheila Mullen
Trees Not Turbines

Ridgeline Rhythms, Vermont
Ridgeline Rythms by Joan Harlowe,
Vermont, USA

Vermont Mountains by Joanne Noyes
Painting by Joanne Noyes,
Vermont, USA

Moorland Plain
Moorland Plain,
by Mairi Morrison, Isle of Lewis

Requiem for the Moor by Simon Rivett
Requiem for the Moor
by Simon Rivett,
Isle of Lewis

winter solstice, Vermont
Winter Solstice by Joan Harlowe,
Vermont, USA

Trees and Mountains by Joanne Noyes
Painting by Joanne Noyes
Vermont, USA

ridgeline targeted for wind farm
Marjorie Kramer

Watercolour from Dunbards
View from Dunbards
Sandy Sykes
Bradwell on Sea, Essex

Jon MacLeod
Isle of Lewis

haystacks in summer by mairi morrison
Haystacks in Summer by
Mairi Morrison, Isle of Lewis

Patricia McCrow
 Blackcraig from New Galloway Golf course, Scotland

Blackcraig Hill
Blackcraig Hill
by Alison Chapman,
Dumfries and Galloway

Painting by George West
Glascwm Hill, Mid Wales,
. by George West

Betws Mountain
Betws Mountain
 by Ceinwen Rees, Wales

paint harrier
Peter Jeevar
 Pair of Hen Harriers,
Blackcraig Hill,
New Galloway, Scotland

Higher Darracott
Higher Darracott
by Alastair Bremner
North Devon

The Den Brook Valley
The Den Brook Valley
from North Tawton
pencil drawing by Jane Pyle

Lliw Reservoir
by Wolfgang  Werner,

Lliw Reservoir and Mynydd y Gwair
Lliw Reservoir
by Rosemary Hale

St Peter`s Church, Bradwell
St.Peter`s Church, Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex
Anne Pluckrose

Yes Tor
Yes Tor,
by Chris Burchell

Ploughing near Brent Tor
Ploughing, not far from Lamerton (Brent Tor site)
Yvonne Burchell
Cornfield near Exmoor
Cornfield near Exmoor
Gill Cronk
(Two Moors Way campaign)
Another Poussin
Another copy of a Poussin
John Wray
(Two Moors Wat Campaign)
watercolour by Reg Gale
Little Comfort Farm.
 by Reg Gale, North Devon

Tillingham Marshes
Tillingham Marshes
Peggy Hinchcliffe
Painting by C Collins
Painting from Denbrook,
Mid Devon

Painting from Nethercrae,
Dumfries and Galloway

May morning, North Tawton
May morning, looking across the Den Brook Valley to Dartmoor, from North Tawton
Christine Lovelock

Pippa Stafford

Sketch by Pippa Stafford
Fullabrook Down, Devon

Ros Daly
Tree near Fullabrook
Ros Daly, North Devon

painting by Angela Carter
Blossoms at Little Comfort Farm, Fullabrook Down,  by Angela Carter,
frances godfrey
Paint it day artist

   Early wasp at Pippacott
John Lovelock
(early wasp, drawing, hedgerow near N.Devon turbine site)

Hazelbank Wood by Sheila Mullen
Hazelbank Wood by Sheila Mullen,

Hen Harrier above slopes of Blackcraig Hill
Hen harrier hovering,
Blackcraig Hill
Dumfries and Galloway
Chrstine Lovelock
Knowlwater bridge
Knowlwater bridge
(Fullabrook Down site)
North Devon
Christine Lovelock

flint hills mustangs
Mustangs on the Flint Hills
Phil Epp

Jon Boone

Brent Tor
Brent Tor
by Chris Burchell (WIFLAG)

dirk pelly
Paint-it-day artist


If you want to submit an image, please can you send it to me by email, or on CD. 
Email images need to be about 500KB in size.
 If you want your CD returned, please enclose a stamped addressed envelope.
Preferably no paintings of turbines, since we want this site to stay a turbine free zone.
For images of turbines, go to the protest group websites!