Across the Ken
Across the Ken by Patricia McCrow

This is how it should have looked, but the weather was dreadful: heavy rain, making it almost impossible to sketch or take photographs

Paint it While it`s There Day in Scotland,

at Nethercrae, Mossdale, on the shores of Loch Ken

Mossdale is about six miles south of New Galloway
Artists involved included Dirk Pelly, Frances Godfrey, Peter Jeevar and Paddy O`Riordan.
Roy Hooker, Stan Wormald and Alison Chapman were there in spirit, but they had prior engagements, as did Tony Harwood.

Dirk Pelly

Dirk Pelly, looking towards Blackcraig Hill

Frances Godfrey

Frances Godfrey, looking towards Blackcraig Hill

Note from Alison Chapman

  No one was able to take any photos because it was so horribly wet and windy and there was only a brief lull at around 4.00pm. For this reason, many people did not turn up, so those who did deserve special praise. Paddy O'Riordan (Rear Admiral) did the sketches of people painting instead of photos.
Watercolour Landscape
Nethercrae is Jane and Paddy's house on the other side of Loch Ken with a full view of the upland plateau of Blackcraig though it must be some 8 -10 miles away - that in itself tells you something about the prominence of Blackcraig in the local landscape.  It is in fact visible from many distant points and even the Isle of Man on a good day.

Sunday June 5th - Sunday June 12th

Glare hosts a week of information activity:Each evening, 7.00- 9pm from Sunday June 5th to Sunday June 12th there will be a display of information about alternative renewable energy systems, and someone on hand to talk through the issues at Scroggie Hall Organic Farm, Balmaclellan.

Art on Display

During this week, work by a number of local artists who have been contributing to the campaign  will be displayed